Evaluating Digital Scholarship
NINES/NEH Summer Institutes: 2011-2012

2011 Documents

Permalink for this paragraph 0 From May 31 to June 3, 2011, NINES assembled a group of 30-some scholars, administrators and other members of the academic community with the goal of examining the difficulties of evaluating digital scholarship. Our conversations ranged from the high-level, conceptual issues in understanding modes of working in digital media as well as institutional strategies for explaining the unique difficulties in Digital Humanities work to administrators.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Over the course of that week, members of the group co-authored seven documents dealing with the main themes of our discussion. These will be released in increments, as we continue to edit them and refine their message. We welcome comments and suggestions from all those interested in addressing and redefining the ways in which digital scholarship is evaluated.

A note on authorship

Permalink for this paragraph 0 In accordance with emerging models for collaborative authorship (such as that set by the Implement New Knowledge Environments group, or INKE), each document will be posted with its primary authors credited as well as the entire NINES/NEH Summer Institute Group for that year. Please view the list of participants and faculty members for the 2011 session to see the names of everyone who participated in our lively and informative conversations.